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Our name “BENI” comes from…

BENI (), a traditional Japanese word, is a shade of red. It is a bright, glamorous and festive color which, we believe, gives energy to us all. It is often used in kimono fabric, especially for special events such as wedding ceremonies and the Coming of Age Day (成人の日 seijin no hi). We started the brand wanting to bring this festive and bright spirit to your daily life through our products.

"BENI" also means lipstick. Since the Edo period in Japan, women have used it to feel brighter.


There’s another Japanese brand that is fascinated with the beauty of "BENI". Menary ( provides an ethical, plastic-free lipstick, “BENI”, to support women in South-East Asia through their profits and the spirit of “empowerment”.


In December, we two “BENI” are collaborating to offer a holiday gift set consisting of a lipstick and our mizuhiki earrings (this offer is limited to domestic sales).


Please check out the details here :クリスマスギフトセットwith-beni-japan

This gift set will make a great holiday gift!